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DMG MORI SEIKI University Earned NIMS Accreditation

July 2013
Company: DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH
DMG MORI SEIKI University Earned NIMS Accreditation
This is to announce that the training program of DMG MORI SEIKI University USA (DMSU), which was established and managed by Mori Seiki in the U.S., earned the accreditation of National Institute for Metal Working Skills (NIMS). 

NIMS was established by the Metalworking Trade Association to develop and maintain global competitiveness of the U.S. manufacturing industry. The DMSU program for training technicians was evaluated as the highest level in the industry by the association. Although 246 institutions have so far been accredited by NIMS, the majority of them are universities, or technical training institutions; and we are the first machine tool manufacturer to have earned the accreditation. 
DMSU was founded in 2006 for the purpose of helping enhance expertise and managing capabilities of our customers, students and each staff at Mori Seiki. It provides human resource development programs for customers as well as technical training for our staff. The total training hours including on-line programs have amounted to more than 350 thousand hours by now. 

We continue to provide various training programs and contribute to growth of the machine tool industry and customers’ staff training, in an effort to cultivate skilled technicians who will support our industry in the future. 
National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) 

Establishment: 1995 
Accreditation awarding body: Metalworking Trade Association 
Object: To develop and maintain global competitiveness of the U.S. manufacturing industry 
Accreditation awarded institutions: 246 institutions (The majority of them are educational institutions or technical training facilities, and three of them are manufacturers) 

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