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DMG MORI STORE: digital Point-of-Sale for Software- and Equipment-as-a-Service

June 2021
Author: DMG MORI
Company: DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH
DMG MORI STORE: digital Point-of-Sale for Software- and Equipment-as-a-Service

Now live: DMG MORI STORE powered by ADAMOS – data-based services and digital business models from DMG MORI.

  • Digital Point-of-Sale: now available at www.dmgmoristore.com
  • Single-Sign-On-concept: uniform login to DMG MORI STORE, customer portal my DMG MORI and selectable partner application
  • Central administration: easy management of data, applications, licenses and users
  • Shop-in-Shop: easy access to additional partner applications of the ADAMOS Ecosystem.

DMG MORI, as the world's leading manufacturer of machine tools and provider of pioneering technology and integrated digitization solutions, is setting new standards. Due to the massive build-up and expansion of its “Digital Architecture First” strategy, DMG MORI can now offer end-to-end digital solutions right through to the new PAYZR business models of the as-a-service economy from a single source. The new DMG MORI STORE powered by ADAMOS provides customers with the appropriate point-of-sale for the full variety of DMG MORI products and value-added services.

Marketplace with digital diversity

Everything from a single source, tested in the company's own production plants and networked throughout, from the workroom to digital ecosystems. This is DMG MORI's holistic development claim as a pioneer for its customers into the future of manufacturing and production technology. As a digital point-of-sale for the variety of native APPs, digital value-added services and data-based PAYZR business models, the DMG MORI STORE powered by ADAMOS is starting immediately.

On the marketplace developed together with the ADAMOS alliance, users will find four products at the start: The M1 as the first subscription-based equipment-as-a-service model for machine tool manufacturing, as well as the software-as-a-service offerings from ISTOS (PLANNING & CONTROL), TULIP (no-code platform) and WERKBLIQ (cloud-based maintenance and service management). All digital value-added solutions up to data-based business models can be configured, personalized and ordered with just a few clicks and inputs.

Part of the marketplace developed together with the ADAMOS Alliance is the ADAMOS HUB, which standardizes the central management of data, applications, licenses and users as well as the customer-oriented workflow. The cross-system single sign-on concept is unique. Conveniently and barrier-free, users can switch between different applications and interact across application and even vendor boundaries.

The shop-in-shop concept of the partnership-based ADAMOS platform goes beyond this. This opens the way for users from the DMG MORI STORE to all other marketplaces of the ADAMOS Ecosystem – end-to-end and all from a single source.

At the start, users will find four products in the DMG MORI STORE: The M1 milling machine with the new PAYZR business model as an Equipment-as-a-Service offering, as well as ISTOS, TULIP and WERKBLIQ as Software-as-a-Service solutions.

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