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Service optimization with my DMG MORI

September 2019
Author: DMG MORI
Company: DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH
Service optimization with my DMG MORI

Maximum transparency of all service processes and immediate direct contact are the core elements of the new customer portal my DMG MORI – initially in Europe with other markets following in the future.

    • my DMG MORI: Unique customer portal

    • Access to more service and more knowledge quickly and easily

    • Digital machine file with lifecycle documentation

    • my DMG MORI on the shop floor

DMG MORI continues to advance consistent industrial digitization. Digitalized processes create tangible added value for the customer. DMG MORI demonstrates this with its new customer portal my DMG MORI. The free online service manager accelerates the process from the description of the problem to processing the customer query and provides all relevant documents digitally at the same time.​​​​​​​

“The new customer portal my DMG MORI offers immediate and direct contact to DMG MORI, including a status overview of ongoing service activities and access to all documents,” says Dr. Thomas Froitzheim, Managing Director of DMG MORI Global Service GmbH, about the strategic importance of the latest digitalization initiative of the market leader.

Access to more service and more knowledge quickly and easily

Service efficiency and reliability is supported through my DMG MORI. Customers can make their service request directly online. “One click on the relevant machine, a short description of the problem, with photos or videos if desired – without any waiting times or misunderstandings on the telephone!” emphasizes Dr. Thomas Froitzheim. The request will be sent directly to the “right” DMG MORI service expert, who will process it immediately, with the customer able to view the processing status live. Moreover, spare part deliveries can be tracked by “Track & Trace”. No more queries and waiting time on the hotline, enabling customers to better plan and gain a better overview. Every registered customer thus benefits from the integrated transparency. Above all, Dr. Thomas Froitzheim would like to fulfil the demands placed by DMG MORI’s customers on a modern portal: “As of now, the central internet address myDMGMORI.com will offer our customers a comprehensive overview of DMG MORI installed machines, ongoing service and spare parts matters as well as the digital provision of all relevant documents!”

Digital machine file with lifecycle documentation

“In a way, my DMG MORI will mirror the level of knowledge in our systems,” explains Dr. Thomas Froitzheim. In addition to general documents, for example operating instructions, the customer library will also include machine-specific lifecycle documentation of every service performed and all spare parts that have been ordered. In the future, the portal will be supplemented with new options and applications on an ongoing basis. It will soon be possible to book training courses online and access expert know-how via an FAQ database.


In addition to operating instructions, my DMG MORI also displays machine-specific lifecycle documentation of every service performed and all spare parts that have been ordered.

my DMG MORI on the shop floor

One special highlight that Dr. Thomas Froitzheim mentions is the my DMG MORI app: “For a service request, the machine will be identified at the push of a button. There is also the option of immediately attaching photos and videos.” A further alternative for the shop floor is my DMG MORI on CELOS now as standard, which can be called up conveniently through the control system. “Third-party machines will also benefit in the future with an upgrade to WERKBLiQ so that all advantages can be realized for the entire manufacturing process.”

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