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    How To Choose A CNC Woodworking Router?

    How To Choose A CNC Woodworking Router?
    Selection of processing type
    Considering factors such as processing technology, plate material, price, etc., select the machining center according to the selected processing object. For example, the processing technology is complicated and requires edge-tracking milling, pocket machining, punching, etc., you can choose with automatic tool change and with row drilling, High precision machining center;

    It is necessary to perform vertical, side hole, and groove processing for small or special-shaped parts. You can choose a CNC drilling machining center that can perform point-to-point adsorption and has a movable adsorption block;

    When processing complex curved surfaces, such as stair handrails, impellers, handicrafts, etc., you can choose a five-axis machining center;

    When the size of the processed item is larger, you can choose a gantry machining center.

    The accuracy selection
    The accuracy of the machine tool has an important influence on the processing quality, and the general tolerance of the processing accuracy is within 20 silk.

    The choice of parameters
    When selecting a machining center, the first parameters to be referred to are the effective stroke range and processing size. This parameter should be selected according to the actual processing size of the plate.

    The choice of spindle
    In the woodworking industry, spindles are generally divided into air-cooled, water-cooled, and self-cooled.
    The water-cooled spindle has a good cooling effect, but the maintenance is complicated. Usually, clean water is required. If used for a long time, the scale produced will corrode the internal pipe fittings of the spindle.
    The air-cooled spindle is easy to maintain and use, and the cooling effect is not as good as water cooling.
    For different materials, customers can choose different powers. For example, when processing ordinary acrylic plates, the spindle below 3.OKW is used, and the vibration amplitude of the spindle with low power is stable to ensure the smooth surface of the processed material and the effect is better; for solid wood doors, etc., the power above 9.0RW can be used, with large cutting force and processing efficiency.

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