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    Re: F360 - spiral toolpath on 4th axis?

    If you can't get Fusion to do it, try DeskProto,
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    Re: Fixed Gantry Build

    This looks like a pretty good design, but you might want to rethink some details. Mounting the Y-axis rails like that will be problematic; you're depending on T-nuts to hold the rails absolutely...
  3. Re: Cheap Chinese stepper motor & driver kit. What to expect?

    Don't buy those "kits"; they are simply an assortment of the cheapest parts available, and they don't work well together. While I couldn't find the inductance specs for those specific motors (a red...
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    Re: Looking for some guidance

    Those motors would have plenty of power for any of the machines you list above, with the possible exception of the merry-go-round (depending on how many horses it's got). Servos tend to run best at...
  5. Re: Advice on closed loop stepper unit please

    The stepper you've got doesn't have too much torque, it has too much inductance. With 8mH, it wants about 90vdc supplied to run optimally. While high-torque motors tend to have more inductance, there...
  6. Thread: 3 jaw vs 4 jaw

    by awerby

    Re: 3 jaw vs 4 jaw

    Actually a 4-jaw chuck with independent jaws can be aligned more accurately to the spindle center than the 3-jaw, which will always have a little run-out (but less if the jaws were ground in place on...
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    Re: Using Ball Nose EM

    I normally use 2-flute uncoated ball endmills for wood; they basically work fine. The main difference between them and router bits is that they have spiral flutes while the router bits are either...
  8. Big old Hurco CNC project available cheap ($250) in Sunnyvale CA

    This looks like a lot of iron for the price:


    I'm not the one selling it, so please don't ask me...
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    Re: Rotary Axis Driving Me Nuts!

    Are the steps per inch settings correct? If you tell the Z axis to drop an inch, does it do that accurately or does it drop 2 inches?

    What happens if you set the text depth to .0625?
  10. Re: Looking for a 5000$ precision CNC router HELP

    If you really need to machine carbon fiber, save some money in your budget for bellows, since the abrasive dust from cutting it will destroy your expensive precision ball screws and slides (not to...
  11. Re: My CNC 3 Axis machine stops working "shutting down" after few minutes

    Is this a licensed version of Mach3, or a trial version? If you don't see your license displayed on the top of the screen, it might not be recognizing your license (which should be placed in the...
  12. Re: Need help updating TAIG Mill with EMC-XYZ-BX controllers to run MACH 3 & 4.. LINU

    Unlike the G540, the G320X drives aren't integrated into a convenient package; you'll need to find a breakout board for yourself and wire it up with an appropriate power supply and enclosure....
  13. Re: Need help updating TAIG Mill with EMC-XYZ-BX controllers to run MACH 3 & 4.. LINU

    You can keep the existing servo motors and power them with Gecko 320X drives. https://www.geckodrive.com/g320x-digital-servo-drive.html You'd have the choice of CNC control system/ gcode interpreter...
  14. Re: My machine won't route exact circles. Does it look like there are still screws lo

    That looks a bit extreme for backlash, which is typically under a mm or so. If you've ruled out confusion in the units/mm settings, I'd suspect some mechanical issue, either loose screws or (more...
  15. Re: Need help updating TAIG Mill with EMC-XYZ-BX controllers to run MACH 3 & 4.. LINU

    Does it have stepper motors or servos? As I recall, Supertech was an attempt to create a controller that avoided the use of G-codes (SuperCAM was the name of the alternative command system), and used...
  16. Re: Need Software for MaxNC 15 Closed Loop Mill

    The original software for that machine ran under DOS, and came on a series of floppy disks. Even if you did find someone willing to copy it for you, nobody is going to want to deal with DOS just to...
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    Re: Machining PTFE 25% glass

    That certainly sounds dangerous! Wear a surgical mask, and use disinfectant as coolant...
  18. Re: Non responsive syil x4 Mach3 help required

    If you unplug the motors when they are powered up, that creates a spark which can kill the drivers. If that's what happened, you probably need to replace them. If you've got a spare one, you can try...
  19. Re: Non responsive syil x4 Mach3 help required

    Were the motors energized when you unplugged everything to move it? If so, that could have blown your drivers.
  20. Re: Non responsive syil x4 Mach3 help required

    My guess is that you replaced your PC with one that didn't have a working EPP parallel port. You might check BIOS to see if it's turned off, but more likely it just doesn't have a parallel port...
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    Re: NewBie Technical Guy

    That Shapoko might work for cutout work and flattish 3D things, but it doesn't look like an especially promising candidate for conversion to a 4-axis machine. Are you putting that wish on the back...
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    Re: NewBie Technical Guy

    Your $2500 will go further towards building a machine than purchasing a new one. But it might not get you everything you might hope for. Will this be a dedicated 4-axis machine, which is set up to do...
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    Re: Milling Silver with CNC Router

    You might also look into spray etching. It's good for making delicate cut-out parts from thin flat sheets of metal without distorting them. Here's someone who does it:...
  24. Re: DIY Converting old engraver to full CNC router

    Actually Linux is a realtime OS, or can be used that way. It can run stepper drives as well as servos, although the realtime function is only relevant to closed-loop operation. The problem with the...
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    Re: Milling Silver with CNC Router

    A milling machine, which is designed for cutting metals, would be a better choice than a router, which is intended for wood and other soft materials. The spindle in a router can only run at high...
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