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  1. Re: Solidworks examinations: a walk through


    That was tough. Definitely not impossible though. If I’d practiced more and did a bit more thorough of a review at the end I’d have gotten a better score, but passing is passing.

    I highly...
  2. Re: Solidworks examinations: a walk through


    This was super easy and it doesn’t deserve much attention. Some other fella had another post about it, so in summary do the practice exams and have templates prepared.

    A great resource...
  3. Solidworks examinations: a walk through

    Hey ladies and gents,

    I’m going to start of with my humble opinion: if you don’t get these exams for free, it is not worth taking them. They serve no purpose. Nobody has ever heard of them, I’m...
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    Re: CSWA Prep for 2020

    CWSA: freakin take it bro. I took it yesterday and had an extra hour left to double check answers. No sweat.

    Make a few templates: MMGS and in both 1020 steel and 1060 aluminum. Have dual...
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