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    CNC Software Contol Programs


    Im looking for a commercially available software solution for the control of our CNC programs.

    We are manufacturing components for medical devices therefore need to have ideally:drowning::drowning::drowning: the following level of control
    • Change Control System
    • Revision level
    • Approval system
    • Software security ie
    • Password Restricted Access at defined levels of authority and permissions
    • Traceability
    • Change Control
    • Electronic Signatures
    • i.e Part 11 complience or close to

    It would be much appreciated if someone can point me in the right direction

    Many Thanks


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    What OS are you planning on running your CVS software on? ClearCase is one of the bigger vendors, and AFAIK, runs on both Windows and *nix systems. Got no idea what Part 11 compliance is, so you may have to check with the vendor on that.


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    I work for a machine tool and automation company. We have developed a flexible framework that can use virtually any hardware(or combination thereof).

    Currently Galil,RSI(Mei) and MicroKinetics are implemented.

    The interfaces can be custom configured, motion profiles and process sequences can be customized on the fly.

    I am considering making this project available as open source, still debating interest level.

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