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    Alternative to "laser" branded plywood?


    I'm looking to buy in a bulk of ply for our 40w laser cutter. It seems that a premium is added to the price of ply when "laser" s in the name. What specs should I use to buy good ply thats not called "laser" specifically? I have heard that marine ply is almost the same thing, is that true?

    If anyone can link to good examples (uk preferred), that would be fab.



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    I use 3mm birch ply from an importer, mostly russian birch. Price is about 10 euro for a sheet of 153x153cm.

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    I would think marine grade would be the opposite to what you want, typically the waterproof exterior grade ply uses epoxy that is difficult to cut (burning the edge).

    I've had the most luck with interior grade birch ply, Finnish seems to be the best but Baltic often works just as well and is cheaper. If you get the aircraft grade (used for model planes) it is usually very high quality with a consistent finish.


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    Zax is absolutely right,

    The marine ply is propably the worst you can use... For the laser the best ply is ( for cutting ) INT-clued and the worst is EXT-clued ( interior / exterior ) but for some reason it seems that the EXT-clued gives better results for engravings than INT... You could ask about the ply from the DLH in UK - I'm not sure if they have any, but I think they will point you to some right direction...


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