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    Mazak VQC 20/40B Mazatrol Cam M-2 Card FX701

    I have a Mazak VQC 20/40B Mazatrol Cam M-2 With Card FX701
    In some articels on the forum som have say that battery for keeping
    parameters is on that card.
    However on that card is not any battery It is on FX784-8 and FX727 and
    Now sence I have a alarm 22 I realy need to know exactly the location
    the number and card that keeps the machine parameters alive.

    Please Ansver if you know
    with thanks in advance

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    Hi i have vqc 20 40 with cam m2 control because of battery down all params gone.and i dont have param list would you pls send me params by taking photo or list.thanks in advance

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