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    Question New USB To 25 PIN Breakout Board Cable

    I previously posted about being able to use a usb to 25 pin, and was later informed that is was printer friendly only (my mistake). I have since then found an actual product that is specific with usb to 25 pin port for cnc boards. But I am wondering if anyone has had experience with this as it seems fairly new (to a newbie that is), and is rather costly to just test out (even with 30 day return). Thanks Again
    RS232 USB to Serial PC adapter for CNC's- Fanuc-Mits | eBay

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    See the other thread. Two of us just responded that this won't work...

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    Thanks another member has cleared it up for me in my previous post, I can't believe how responsive everyone is on the cnc site, I get useful answers within the hour. Thanks!

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