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    Laser Cutter for sale on eBay

    I saw this listing last night on eBay. It is a 50 watt, 24" x 48" laser cutting table made from and Emission Technologies kit. Here is a link:

    Laser Cutting Table on eBay

    There is only 1 day left on the auction, so you need to look fast.

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    It's a little over priced, if the laser has time on it, it may not even put out 50 watts.

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    I posted a question on your 24" x 48" homemade laser cutting machine project about a week ago, and I don't know if you saw it yet. I was wondering if you could post a list of the parts you used in your project, complete with part numbers where applicable, and where you obtained them. Also, if you have any drawings or sketches that you used, they would also be helpful.

    I have wanted to have my own Laser Cutter since I saw one operate at the Toledo Model Airplane show about 15 years ago. At that time, a 24" x 48" commercial machine cost around $75,000 which was way, way, way out of my budget! With the cost of decent 50-75 watt laser tubes coming down to under $500, and the number of packaged motion control systems available, with a little scrounging on eBay and making a few parts yourself, a 24" x 48" laser cutting table can be built for $2,500 to $3,000. That is less that the cost of a R/C jet turbine engine or about the same cost as a high end Digital Camera or Computer.

    I have access to a milling machine and a lathe, so I can make just about any part necessary. I actually picked up a nice focusing assembly with a 2.5" focal length on eBay a few months ago, so I guess I have started collecting parts! 1 down, about 99 more to go!

    Thanks for the article you wrote, it was very informative, and it would be great if I could duplicate your efforts.

    Talk to you soon!


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