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    adding a laser to my CNC...

    We're almost done with our CNC machine (all major purchases are made, just need to finish constructing). I got to thinking that it would be nice to also have this machine do laser cutting as well (there is a local company that outsources they PCB etching to an out of state company that I'm sure we could do with our machine if it had a laser cutter).

    What would I need to consider to add a laser cutter to my machine? Where would I find the best solution? What complications can arise (other than the danger of working with a laser)? I don't even know what to search for (all I find is complete tables for sale, not just the laser), any help is appreciated.

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    So you what to etch PCB's with a laser? or use it for cutting other things? I haven't seen anyone using a laser to etch pcb's.

    Adding a laser will not be a problem if you designed the machine to accept a laser, because your motors might get it the way, at least that is one of the things that came to mind first.

    Or if your machine is big then you can mount the laser tube vertical next to the spindle motor. Or mount it horizontal on the bridge so the output optic dosent get durt or electrode material on it. This way you will have less beam bending mirrors.

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    I suggest checking with the Laser Institue of America at www.laserinstitute.org on what to consider when adding a laser to your CNC machine.

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