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    Viper 200 Issue

    Hi Guys,

    (Larry I left a message on your machine)

    I am pretty much 95% done with my Matsuura retrofit, I plugged 12VDC power into the Viper 200 (I believe its a 200F), got a solid green light and a red blinking 4 times then off, then 4 times repeatedly, which based on the manual means there's no main power which is correct, I am trying to make sure the encoders are working properly like the instructions state.

    When I plug the RS232 programming cable onto the card, it basically kills the power (I can see a small spark in the RS232 white connector when I plug it in)

    Any thoughts? I was using an external bench top 12V supply for now, because the power supply I will be using to power the control power has not yet arrived.

    I also tried removing the ground pin on the RS232 connector, and then the card stayed on, but I could not get any communications with hyper terminal no matter what I tried.

    Any help is greatly appreciated,



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    Problem solved for now, Thanks for the Help Larry!

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