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    SprutCAM and the 4th AXIS

    For the past few weeks I've been struggling trying to figure out how to correctly use SprutCAM to mill a two-flute reamer using my 4th Axis.

    I've pretty much figured out how to use this software to machine most of the other parts I'll ever make on my Tormach.

    I contacted Eric at the Tormach/SprutCAM help desk and he was kind enough to let me email him an IGES file containing a SolidWorks drawing of a make-shift two-flute reamer.

    The drawing itself was quickly put together just as a practice part I could use to try to figure out how to run tool-paths and post codes for the 4th Axis.

    On my own, I've had no luck figuring it out.

    My reason for asking Eric for help was so that I could open up the finished file and study exactly how he went about processing it into usable G-Code for machining a cylindrical part with lengthwise flutes cut into it. Once I took the file apart and studied it I figured I could then use a similar procedure in SprutCAM to create tool paths for the real parts I'll eventually want to make.

    I got Eric's reply email containing a STC file of my quickly drawn two-flute reamer. Unfortunately, for some reason the file won't open up when I try to load it onto my software. I get loading error messages.

    Until I can contact Eric again next week I thought I'd ask some of you guys here with a hands-on working knowledge of how to use SprutCAM with the "Tormach 4th Axis A" feature if you would possibly be willing to take a look at my SolidWorks reamer drawing and run it through your SprutCAM software? (converting and saving it to a STC file for viewing and studying on my end)

    It doesn't necessarily have to be my drawing either. It can be one of your own projects. As long as I can open it up as a STC/SprutCAM file and study it to find out exactly how you created the correct operations for milling the lengthwise-flutes and spinning the 4th Axis so as to cut the flute on the opposite side of my cylindrical part it should go a long way toward helping me figure out how to do it on my own.

    I'm pretty sure I viewed just about all the tutorial videos I could find on the Tormach/4th Axis combination. Actually I could only find two video tutorial on the subject. Neither one really clicked in a way that made sense to me with respect to the type of parts I was hoping to use in on.

    A little help please.

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    My guess as to why you can't open Eric's file is that he is running a newer version.
    What version are you running?
    If anyone else who is running a newer version than you saves your file you will not be able to open it either.
    You should download the latest version from Tormach's FTP site, or Sprutcam. Mine is only a few weeks old and is Build 1.6 Rev 47769


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    Hi Metalshavings,
    I made a test program for the reamer and added a picture of the location in SprutCAM were you can enter the angle you want to position A axis for each cut. If you can’t open the .stc file you still should be able to look at the picture.

    When I first started using my 4th axis I made a few parts out of wood until I was confident in my programing.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Kevin:

    And many thanks for your help. I have the day off today so I'll be able to take a look at it in depth.

    I appreciate it.


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