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    Exclamation aniulam 3300mk servo amps. for a servo transformer

    This was a private message with Jackal66.

    My friend John Tidrick has a nee mill with an anilam 3300 mk control. He can't keep it running We are retrofitting it with PMDX & Geckos. I can't figure out where the servo voltage comes from. I don't find a transformer for the servo voltage. If I need to buy a transformer how many amps do I need? My friend, John got his PMDX 126 and the |Geckos 320x's. I got 57 volts on my Hurco (AC) I think. Most of the low voltage supplys are switching.

    Ask Al_the_man on CNCzone & see what he says.

    57volts AC x 1.414 ( bridge rectifier ) = 80.59 volts DC to power the Geckos.

    I am unsure about the amperage, it depends on the draw of the motors. Al can tell us that.


    I must have less than 57 volts . I have 77.5 volts DC.

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    The 80.5v is right at the limit for the Gecko's, IOW on the high side and no room for any variation due to supply fluctuation?
    The drives are rated at 20amps, so if the motors are the ones I am thinking of, you should use at least a 1.5Kva transformer?
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