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    Laguna Tools CNC IQ PRO

    I'm a small business owner, working out of my garage. I make goods from UHMW PE and up until now, I've been doing my machining manually, with a compound miter saw and a router &KREG precision router table. Long story short, i need to upgrade my process to keep up with demand. I found the Laguna CNC IQ Pro to suit my needs perfectly, and allows for expansion into other streams of cash flow. Has anyone had any experience with any of their units? I'm new to the whole CNC world, I am aware of what it is, just haven't had the opportunity till now and therefore, I'm not familiar with brands/quality, but looks very solid and perfect for my immediate needs. And from the searches, it seems to be priced pretty good for the features it comes with. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well, I was one of the lucky ones that got my deposit back before the unit was ever assembled, which was already 2 months behind the promised delivery date. Do not buy Laguna tools, do lots of research prior to purchasing; stay away from Laguna tools and Industrial CNC and their "Vortech" routers! There are multiple ripoff reports for both of these companies, just google customer review+(the brand/model of equipment in question) and save yourself a lot of time and money!

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    Re: Laguna Tools CNC IQ PRO

    I have had my Launa CNC IQ now for 6 months....it has worked amazing, however the service at Laguna when you have a question or concern is sub par. I just added the 4th axis to my machine and of course I had to upgrade my Rhino Cam to work with the new hardware. They provided me a manual, however it was the wrong one, and now I have the correct one, only it is vague in information. The processor does not compute to my machine...very frustrated!

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