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    Viper Tune is ready !!! Finally

    Its a few years late, but over the winter i finally got it done.

    Here is the link to download

    I've tried to put everything on one page, that way you don't have to flip through pages to see all the parameters.
    There is an Exerciser in every viper with V3.0 and greater. It will rock back and forth automatically so you can display the position and error waveforms.

    Using vipertune, i've found a few things in the drive that i will fix. With it i've been able to really see what effect parameters like balance and hysterysis can do. You can tune much tighter using Viper tune than manually entering parameters !

    You can also save / load parameters to file. (.vip)

    I have more to add to Viper Tune, but i couldn't hold people up any more. Let me know your feed back and bugs.

    BTW, screen design and colors are not my strong point. I wasted a lot of time agonizing over the colors and background !
    I know, I'm graphically challenged !

    Larry K
    Manufacturer of CNC routers and Viper Servo Drives
    www.LarkenCNC.com and www.Viperservo.com

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    Getting Started with Viper Tune

    - Down load the viper_tune.zip file and double click it. Drag the ViperTune.exe onto your desktop.

    - You can just run ViperTune.exe on your desktop or put it in a folder and create a shortcut. There is only 1 file, but where you put the file is where it will save your data files .

    - Connect your drive and run Vipertune. Select the comm port your using Besure the drive is powered before clicking "Connect" You should see some activity in the "Mini Terminal"

    * Note: If your drive is a older Viper (pre 2011) it runs at 9600 baud. ( to tell, before Version 3.0, errors were flashed at different speeds, V3 flashes a error count.) Drives since 2011 (V200F, V95F ) run at 38400 baud.

    - You can click on "Send" in the mini Terminal to send commands. Click on it with the 'v' as the command and you should see a responce with the Version.
    (note: if you don't get a responce, you are not connected. Check baud and connection and try again)

    After connection is successful, here is the basic procedure to tune a drive.

    Click Read Drive to get parameters from the drive onto the screen.

    - The Scope is used to display Stepcount ,Encoder count and Currrent continously from the drive. It does so by looping and repeatedly using the 'm' command .
    - The 3 displays (Step, Encoder, and Error) are only updated while the scope is running.
    - You can use the scope to check the encoder to make sure its working.
    - Notice the color of the wave is the same color as the Number display for Step, Encoder, and Error.

    - To use some commands like Read Drive or Burn to Drive, its best to not have the scope running so it doesn't interfere with the command.

    ViperTune can be used for testing the Encoder , Step inputs and trouble shooting, as well as Tuning the Drive.

    -To test the Encoder (without motor power connected) just Start the scope and turn the motor shaft by hand. You should see the Encoder readout change smoothly, and return to zero when you turn it back to zero.

    - To test the Step/Dir inputs from you Breakout board, run the scope and Jog your Mach3 (or other software) back and forth and you should see the Step count change. Jog both directions to make sure the Direction line is working.

    The Exerciser
    The exerciser makes the drive internally change the Step count back and forth (plus and minus) across the zero point. The Amplitute is the amount it will go back and forth. It has 4 speeds you can set.
    (At this time there is only a linear movement, I will be adding a abrupt movement soon )

    Start with velocity below 4 and Amplitude at 100 before increasing the speed or shortening the amplitude.

    Tuning the Drive
    You can change parameters then click "Update" to send changed parameters to the drive.
    With the scope and exerciser running, you adjust parameters to get the tightest waveform .

    Your goal is to get the Green (encoder) waveform to be as close to the Blue (commanded Step position) as possible, while staying stable. Red (Error) is Step position minus the Encoder position

    Saveing parameter files to disk
    The File box (tall white box) on the right side is the load/save buffer. Files are loaded and saved from that box. This means you can load and view parameter files into that box without affecting the drives current parameters (left side of the screen in Gray boxes) . You can compare settings from the drive to settings in a file without affecting the drive.

    Clicking the 'Drive to Buf ' button moves the settings on the Drive Edit boxes (left side) to the File buffer box
    Clicking the 'Buf to Drive ' button moves the settings on the file buffer box to the Drive Edit boxes (left side)

    Note: Neither button moves the commands to the actual drive. They are just on the screen. To send to the drive you have to click the Update Drive button.

    Known Problems to be corrected in Viper tune (version 1.1) (as of march 2013):
    - If the trim pot (current warn) is not set at full or zero, the wave may be distorted and looping is interupted randomly. This is for Viper 200F and V95F
    - The Current (amps) display is not working yet.
    - The fault reading isn't used yet
    - The small spin button on the bottom of the screen (displaying 10 in picture) should be changed for 20 if running 9600 baud.

    Have Fun Viper Tuning !
    Manufacturer of CNC routers and Viper Servo Drives
    www.LarkenCNC.com and www.Viperservo.com

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    Jan 2009

    Viper Tune is ready !!! Finally

    Looks good Larry, I am anxious to give it a try when I get time to get back to the machine.


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    Dec 2004
    I think the graphics are fine.
    At least you didn't use any silly yellow text on a white background!

    Warning: DIY CNC may cause extreme hair loss due to you pulling your hair out.

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    Apr 2005
    Hi Larry
    This looks great.
    I look forward to trying it out.


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    Oct 2008
    The screens look fine. To many people get to fancy and it is harder to work with no matter how "cool" it looks. Yours are very functional in appearance and everything is easy to find. That is what I expect out of utility software. DO NOT AGONIZE ONE SECOND LONGER.
    Bob La Londe

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    Feb 2007

    Re: Viper Tune is ready !!! Finally

    Here is a Video on setting up the Viper 200 and Tuning it.


    Larry K
    Manufacturer of CNC routers and Viper Servo Drives
    www.LarkenCNC.com and www.Viperservo.com

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