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    Problem cutting the Escape gear

    Im having a terrible time with the escape gear, even though the gear is faily large 10", the teeth are very sharp at the tips, have tried several different methods of cutting with the same results, tearing, chip out, fuzzing, using .25" baltic birch plywood, .90 upcut bit, running 18-20,000 rpm, have tried slower rpm, faster and slower feed to no avail, the thicker gears, .375 plywood is cutting only fair, no chip out, but still needs excessive sanding, its evident all of you who have built a wooden gear clock have overcome this problem. Please share your knowledge !!

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    I had that problem when using baltic birch plywood for the escapement, so I now make the escapement out of segmented hardwood, 12 segments 30 deg each about 3-4mm thick I make 2 layers and glue the layers 15deg offset to each other to strengthen the segment joint. I also insert a piece in the center as the points of the segments all meet at the center and are not good enough for an axle. I still use baltic birch plywood for all of the gears. The attached escapement (4inch dia) is straight off the machine with no sanding.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks, Lagore, I was beginning to think no one was going to post a reply to my problem, the escape gear you created is a work of art, thanks again for the information

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    I also have had goods success engraving around the gear with a v carve bit set to a 32nd depth.


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    But hey thanx for posting!!!

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