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    Viper Tune problems.

    I'm having trouble understanding how to use the Viper Tune,I have got everything connected and everything seems to be working but my problem is where to start tuning. And when running the excerciser its too difficult to read the step and enc count can anyone give me a hand to get started.

    Thanks Mike

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    It doesn't automatically tune the drive for you.

    You tune the P I D and L just like described in the manual, to reduce the error and make it stable. Viper tune just makes it easier and gives you a display .

    When you run the exersizer, you look at the waveform display and tune to try to get the encoder line tight with the step line. You don't need to read the numbers while its cycling, just the error.

    If your just trying to test the encoder, then don't start the exersizer.

    Also tell me what you thought or think it should do.

    Manufacturer of CNC routers and Viper Servo Drives
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    Ok thanks Larry,
    I thought you had to read the numbers some how,but I get it now.

    Thanks Mike

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