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    Savage model 93 stock.

    Just bought a savage model 93. 17 hmr. I want to make a stock for it with my router. Any of you guys happen to have the CAD file for that model stock or know where I could get it?


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    Jason, while I do from time to time share 3d models, I never share part of my business. That is not good business! I don't know about others, but the time it takes to develop the 3d model and good gcode it quite time consuming, and time equals......money! Now all that said, I do not have the model for that firearm but there is a chance you could find it on GrabCad at Free 3D CAD Library and Collaboration Tools for Engineers - GrabCAD If it is not there, you can also offer to fund it there, I think as a contest and have many people designing the same product.

    Here is one I did for a Ruger 10/22. BTW, gunstocks and pistol grips is my main business.

    Designed in Rhino v5 and machined with Madcam V5


    ps pm me as I might have something that will help you out.
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    Re: Savage model 93 stock.

    Do you do any old shotgun stocks? I need one for a 1898 Marlin pump Thanks Kevin

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