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    G320X problem

    hey guys, I need your help. I bought the Keling kit a while back with the C10 board, and I'm having a bit of a problem getting my servos to move. I've been going thru the gecko set-up process, and i've gotten to step 5 without any problems, but i'm having problems getting the LED signal sequence correct. I'm using mach3 to generate my step pulses, but when I jog with mach3, my "fault" and "In position" leds keep flickering in an alternating pattern, and I do not get any warning led.

    I have terminals 5 and 7 jumpered, My power supply is putting out 70VDC, my COM pin is set to ground via the COM pin on the C10 board (also tried 5VDC with the same result), tried switching the CHA and CHB wires for the encoder.

    I also hooked up the power wires to the servo, and I get a consistent fault light and it does not go into in position mode at all.

    not sure what to try to troubleshoot. Everything appears to be wired correctly...help!

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    yup...I'm an idiot...had the index output wire on the encoder wired to the ground on the Gecko drive, and the ACTUAL ground wire free hanging....

    She's working fine now.

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