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    G112/G113 stop, not working

    G112/G113 stop, not working
    We have Nakamura TW-20 with controller Fanuc 0-TB; when the program goes to G-code G112, it stops; can you pls advise us how to release the function of G112/G113 ?
    Thank you !

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    Here an example off a hexagon milling-program on a lathe with axial live-tooling.
    When you run the program and it stops in the middle for what reason(alarm) you have to finish it with the following lines in MDI-mode.
    This is how it works on our lathe.

    G1 G40 X90. F2500
    G113 ( OR G13.1 )

    Maybe you need some other G- or M-codes, G17-G18-G19 ??

    O1111 ( HEXAGON - 50MM )
    T0101 G98
    G97 S3500 M4
    G0 X90. Z10.
    G1 C0 F4000
    Z-5. F1000

    G112 ( OR G12.1 )
    G1 G41 X50. C14.43 F500
    X50. C-14.43
    X0 C-28.86
    X-50. C-14.43
    X-50. C14.43
    X0 C28.86
    X50. C14.43
    G1 Z5.

    G40 X90. F2500
    G113 ( OR G13.1 )

    G0 Z50. M5
    X250. Z200. M9

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