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    How to setup JOG control to move 2 axis with each direction key

    I need to setup the Mach3 Jog so that each key moves 2 axis at the same time. Example arrow key left right moves X and A simultaneously, and arrow key up/down moves Y and Z axis simultaneously. x, a, y and z are all independent axis not slaved and I cannot slave them as the 4 axis are needed when running g-code.

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    Do you have to use a keyboard or do you have external buttons for jogging? I may be wrong, but it seems like Mach does not recognize the use of a hotkey as an input you can reference in a script or brain. It also seems to only do the first task it sees in the hotkeys setup. If you were to use an input with a signal from an external button, I'm almost certain you could assign it two (or more) functions by simply setting their port/pin number to the same input in the Config-->Port and Pins window. I'll try it to verify, but I don't see why it wouldn't work that way.

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    Thanks mmoe, I am using keyboard only and tab for job mode. I tried assigning duplicate pins in ports and pins already but it didn't work with keyboard. All I want to do is be able to use the 4 arrow keys to move the 2 horizontal and 2 vertical axis simultaneously for manually cutting foam boxes into sheets.

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