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    Post Best MDF cutting method

    Hi friends,

    I am now machining MDF for wing molds of sizes 700*1800 mm. The thickness of the stock part is 34mm (25 + 9 mm MDF laminated together). The maximum depth according to my mold drawing is 28mm.

    Now i have configured in ArtCAM to make this 3D mold in 3 passes of 10mm each, so that for each plunge the total thickness removed would be just 10mm. I am using a 2 flute solid carbide 6 mm end mill. The problem is the machining time shows that the complete machining will take atleast 8hrs on 100% feedrate which is 5000mm/sec, will the tool last that much time.

    As far as the feedrate goes, i have currently given 10% feedrate with 15000rpm. This is making the tool go black and the MDF itself gives out smoke,burning smell and the carbide tool is turning black due to burnout.

    What changes should i make to finish this job without damaging the tool much. Should i reduce the material removed thickness for each pass or any change in tooling or changes in RPM and feedrate. My inventory consists of 2flute 6mm endmill, 4 flute 6mm endmill, 1 flute 6mm endmill, 2 flute 6mm ball nose and 4 flute 6mm ball nose. Others include 3 mm endmills and 3mm ball nose.

    Please advise,

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    Rough with a 12mm straight bit at 15,000 rpm and 20,000mm/min, then finish with the 6mm ballnose at 18,000rpm and 10,000mm/min.

    Why are you running at 10% feedrate?
    With MDF, the faster you cut, the longer your tool will last.

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