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SteelTailor released new product DragonIII portable gantry CNC cutting machine in August 2017.
DragonIII portable gantry cutting machine is a simple, but powerful CNC cutting machine.It support both plasma cutting and flame cutting. DragonIII CNC cutting machine is wide enough, cheap enough and strong enough!

DragonIII portable gantry cutting machine how simple you see, how efficient it can do!
Unlike other SteelTailor Dragon series, Dragon III CNC cutting machine is a new-type portable gantry cutting machine, re-designed according to the traditional gantry structure. To make the price most favorable, Dragon III only keeps the core structure of gantry cutting machine and removes the relative accessories. Its simple structure and fast installation reveal SteelTailor’s constant idea -- portable. Just like Dragon series, Dragon III has the powerful cutting functions, but with much cheaper price. The launch of such a useful and economical product will bring good news to small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.

DragonIII portable gantry flame plasma cutting machine has good cutting precision and good cutting quality.

DragonIII gantry CNC plasma cutting machine is powerful.It support plasma and oxy-fuel, anti-collision design, dual drive, steady and solid structure, support high-strength tasks.

DragonIII portable CNC cutting machine is so simple:simple installation and debugging

CNC gantry cutting machine controller is SteelTailor controlling system, support nesting.