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Thread: 4th axis

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    4th axis

    after running Dolphin for a couple of months now I still am unable to use the 4th axis firstly I do not have an icon for 3D and have asked Rodney regarding instructions on how to use the 4th axis but he tells me there is no video seems like hard work after using Cambam which I find very easy to use maybe at some point Dolphin will give better after sales advice and videos to cover all aspects of use...disappointed user

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    Why would you be looking for a 3D icon ?
    Dolphin is not a 3D program.

    Open the attached file and you will see how to lay out a 3D part.
    You draw in XY with Y being equal to Pi*D of the part and when you enable the rotary axis it swaps y for A


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    There is a video on youtube that shows how to create a 4th axis part.

    Hope it helps.

    Dolphin PartMaster CADCAM 4th Axis Milling - YouTube


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    This video was helpful. Thank you.

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