nowdays: , there are many supplier of all kinds of machines , and so many prices so different quality ,how to choose a suitable machine for your project ?
Those below is my suggestions for reference :
1.confirm what kind of materials you want to process ,wood acrylic mdf or other metal materials , because for different materials machine type so different , so this is important .
2.confirm max materials size , normally , 600*900mm 1200*1200mm 1200*2400mm working area for advertising area , and 1300*2500mm 1500*3000mm 2000*4000mm for woodworking area ,like furniture industries
3.confirm max process thickness ,this is important for choose spindle , there are multi power of spindle from 1.5kw to 9.0kw , within 3.0kw spindles suitable for engraving on materials , but for cutting is a little hard , so 4.5kw 6.0kw 9.0kw better solution for engraving and cutting different materials
this is my simple 3 steps for choose suitable machine !
so what's your opinion ?