51"X35" Laser Machine
1300X900MM engraving table
with USB, Auto focus, red dot pointer and motorized platform
All of our machines are inspected and calibrated before shipment and come with a dedicated support team. Our laser machine has been sold in Canada and worldwide with customer satisfaction.
Peak Glass laser machine come standard with:
-Laser engraver machine
-Honeycomb table
-Knife table
-Air compressor
-Water chiller
-Exhaust Fan
-Laser tube
-Red dot locater
-Lasercut software and key
-High speed USB cord
-One laser head
Engraving speed   0-42(inches/seg) depending the material to engrave
Cutting speed   0-23(inches/seg) depending the material to cut
Cutting thickness   3/4 inches or more (0~30mm) depending the material to cut, and the power and laser lens
Resolution   Up to 4000DPI (the regular use is between 600DPI Y 2000DPI)
Minimum Configuration   Characters 0.07x0.07inches(2x2mm) and letters 0.039x0.039 inches(1x1mm)
Precision to lerance   0.00039 inches(0.01mm)
Operating Temperature   40°F~113°F(0°C~45°C)
Operating Humidity   5%~95% without water condensation
Power Consumption   1250 Watts
Voltage   220V, 50/60Hz
Port   USB2.0

Format supported by the software:
It supports practically all standard graphic design formats: bmp, gif, jpg, pcx, cad, tga, tiff, plt, cdr, dmg, dxf and dst.
Laserable Materials:
Acylic, paper, cardboard, plywood, fabric, ceramics, stone, tile, painted metal, coated metals
-100-120W long life span laser tube $750
-130-150W long life span laser tube $1390
-Rotary attachment
-Set of mirrors and lens $159
- Two years warranty for the machine(not including laser tube, mirrors and lens)
- One year warranty for laser tube
- Free installation and training within 300KM from Montreal
- Free tutorial video for installation
- Free delivery in Montreal
* Shipping cost will be calculated base on the buyers location
* Applicable taxes are for Canadian customers
If you need more information, please contact us: lyxlaserATgmail.com