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    Shopbot Benchtop 2007 24x32 cutting area 6 inch z height

    It is made by shopbot dated 2007. Everything is functional and works fine. It had something fall on the controller and wrinkled the skin on the tower that controls the machine, but that does not affect the function in any way. It does not come with a laptop or pc to operate it, but I will be glad to demonstrate the functions of it with my laptop for you. If you bring a pc, I will put the software on it and make it run with your pc for no charge. It will need a few fine adjustments after you move it home, but documentation and tech support are free through shopbot. I have the original software that came with it as well as more current software that can be used. Richmond Texas (near Houston)
    4500 obo

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    Hi Ken. You have a nice machine. If in case you need help in machinery relocation, don't hesitate to contact me. I know someone from Hanlon and Wright. They can help you relocate your machines with ease.
    For Machinery Relocation, trust only Hanlon & Wright

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