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    Rambo 5v cnc milling machine

    Sorry my poor english first.

    I have a cnc millingmachine rambo 5v cnc, yearsfrom 2000.
    Something is wrong. Numbers does not stay in manual mode.
    The machine moves to the referencepoint, as very well. I does not do enything else(program drive)
    We suspect, a problem is in the pcb, but we are not sure.

    We need a wiring diagram (schematic) to measure the values​​of the card should come.
    Whether they should be able to getfrom you. I hope.
    If you do not have schematic, then doyou have any information on where to inquire that.
    -The machine will start up after the power on ok.
    -The machine moves to the reference points f1, f2 etc. (all axis) ok A
    All of axis of the numerical values ​​remain the "home" mode in place and the machine seems to be in order.

    After that when you go to the "home" and after that go mode F2 "handle" mode, the axes are not Numeric values ​​no longer stay in place, but they are changing all the time by itself. numbers will change many times per second, itself.
    even if the machine does not do anything. servos there is no sound. the program is not on etc.. (pictures 3,4) numbers will change many times per second

    Remote control when driving on all axes, they can go in any direction, or to continue to herself even if the button has push it on.
    If you do not get idea of ​​what the problem is on the machine.
    The machine does not run any programs, anyway.

    you can send me information, to my mail: salmipekka(at)kolumbus.fi

    Mr P Salmi, from Finland

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    Re: Rambo 5v cnc milling machine

    You may get electrical drawing copies from TPH machine tools in UK e-mail machines@tphmachinetools.co.uk they sell RAMBO machine tools

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