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Thread: Mhp Users

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    Mhp Users

    Does Anyone Out There Have Any Mhp Machines.( Moog Hydrapath ) (i.e. B-18,b-22. Or S3000 ) I Am Having Trouble Getting The Fourth A-xis Working On My B-22. I Thought Maybe Someone Might Have A Manual On The Fourth Axis So I Could Troubleshoot It. Although I Think It Is More On The Machine Side. I Have More Than One A-axis But None Of Them Work.
    Anyhow, I Don't Hear Much On This Website About These Machines. They Are About 10 To 15 Years Old And Are Not Manufactured Anymore. They Are Great Machines. I Did See An A-22 On Cnczone For Sale At One Time. I've Not Been A Subscriber For Too Long But I Like To Visit This Website A Lot Just To See What Is Out There.
    If Anyone Has An S-24 (bridgeport Style Made By Moog ) I Would Like To Know If It Has Ballscrews. My S3000 Runs On Hydralics And Was Told It Was Not Feesable To Run On A Phase Converter. Any Help Would Be Appreciated.

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    I have an H-30 horizontal made by Moog. The problems I encounter with my B axis are due to conection problems in the backboard of the computer. If your machine is much like mine there are large control cabinets with individual boards in a rack-looking panel. these shake loose during operation. everyday before i start my machine, with the power off, I remove these boards and re-seat them into their rack. If problems still occur i do it again and this usually solves the prob

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    I have a Moog. It's an 83-1000 MC Bridgeport based mill and I'm converting it to CNC. Ballscrews are installed with servos installed on x,y and knee. (quill servo not yet mounted, and have matching servo for rotary table. Also have the drawbar worked out so the tool changer will be retrofitted too.

    I have a PC and Galil DMC-2160 but that's it. No servo amps, no BOB, no cables, no power supplies. Building this machine on a budget. Is there a DIY servo amp and PS? I was looking at the posts on the UHU controller but I'm guessing the Galil 2160 does that job(?). My big servos are 3.36 Kw 230V. Probably a little overkill but I have to use what I can get. 27.8V/Krpm and will most likely never see full speed (5-tpi lead).

    So... any pointers on an inexpensive or DIY amp or power supply?


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    I need manual(s) for hydrapath iii. Does anybody want to sell?

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