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    I have a little problem. I am currently doing an apprenticeship and we are working with the WinFelxIPS software.

    The only problem is that we are only once every two weeks on the PC and so I can’t really practice much. Also, the understanding between teachers and students are also not how I imagined it...

    Now I want to ask an "expert" if there is a possibility to get a demo off the internet?
    And if not whether there is a kind of a tutorial? What do I program if e.g. I have no coordinates etc.

    If there are any answers about this I would be very happy.


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    Have a look here http://www.index-werke.de/de/englisc...x_ENG_HTML.htm

    I would of liked to send you the entire link,
    but this forum cant do it under opera....
    <span style='color:green'><span style='font-family:Arial'>Wenn dich jemand um eine Information bittet, dann will er nicht deine Meinung hören.</span></span>

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    The hi-Traub experts

    hmm I was already on the homepage. But I find little information or I'm blind...

    Has nobody got a small collections of "first" steps for me...?

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