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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > (WIRE)-EDM > erode threads on a AGIE Hyperspark3
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    Hello guys
    I would like to know how you erode threads on a HS3 or a similar Agie machine?

    For example when we erode a normal M6 fixing thread ( core hole drilled / material e.g. 1.2343 with approx.52HRC / undersize lateral 0.6mm) then the machine ‘jerks’ for about 2-3 hours until the thread is finally finished.

    The whole lot is programmed with the easy-machining cycle of the controller. The desired surface should be around VDI30-33.

    We really need some advice how to speed up the process.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    We have an older version of that machine (Innovation3).
    I also have a few problems with the time when processing threads; I also use the ‘cycle’.
    However it doesn’t take several hours- that’s way too long! Especially with your desired surface quality.

    Do you erode with flush fluid through the electrode and/or do you adjust the values in the timer run?

    Does the controller gives you advice/ requests regarding the spark gab that is too small? When you only gave one electrode (what I assume as that’s normal), is the request of the controller regarding the technology calculation answered correctly (both for roughing and finishing)
    Have you contacted AGIE already concerning this problem?
    Their technician should be able to give you some advice -> ask as a ‘programming problem’ so your connected to the correct ‘helper’.


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    Thank you for your quick answer.
    First, your question regarding the flushing: I don’t know if the question comes along and if it’s answered correctly- I guess so but I will have a look on Monday.

    I think I might have found one or two problems when I looked at the electrode parameters today concerning THE undersize and the erode surface.

    I assume that a thread electrode for M3 which has a Ø of 1.97mm and an undersize of min. 1.0mm, needs to be adjusted to the diameter that you need to come to a final excursion of Ø= 3mm. ( programmed was 0,50mm)

    I also presume that one should enter the surface of the electrode not over the Ø of the electrode, but over the focal surface.

    The surface for the named electrode above the diameter is around 3mm²- that doesn’t seem big enough to me as nobody erodes with the abutting face.
    When defining over the focal surface, I calculate a surface of around 63mm² for a thread depth of 10mm.

    I know that the whole skin surface is never in contact so I would reduce the value by half.( just instinctively)
    I think that the impulse would be calculated completely differently over the Tectron and therefore the removal would increase.


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