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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > (WIRE)-EDM > Sodick AG600L and Esprit- what are your experiences?
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    Hello everybody

    We are going to get a new Drahtero. The Sodick AG600L is one of our choices.
    What experiences did you make with that machine?
    Application: custom cutting in blanking die manufacturing/ mould manufacturing.
    What do you think about ESPRIT as a programming software?
    For example in comparison with Peps / VISI?
    I would appreciate any kind of advice


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    Nov 2009

    Two years ago I decided to go with the combination Sodick AQ537L and Esprit and we are very satisfied.

    I liked the ‘carefree- complete packet’ that we got with the Sodick with integrated air-conditioner, removal of the old machine and installation of Esprit. Good service!
    Half an hour after the service technician left, we produced out first self-programmed piece.

    Advantages of the machine:
    When you refill the water just before going home at night and the signal value goes up; not enough water is in there or there are 30 degrees in the factory… the machine is still running for 2 years -without problems.
    You can hold the linear drive mechanism with one hand. That makes it quite secure that crashes don’t occur.
    Depending on the material, with the first piece we are often up to 0.002mm incorrect per side and then we just correct it quickly. The accuracy and surface finish quality are more than sufficient for us.

    The generators are designed for brass wire which is around 30% cheaper per kilogram than other wires.

    Disadvantages of the machine:
    The graphics of the touch cycles are unclear for beginners. They could be better.
    To attach the measuring clock with a magnetic stand you need to disengage a flushing hose.
    Before starting up you need to remember to put it back in place otherwise it splashes heavily.

    The CAM/CAD software and the wire eroding machine need to be matched perfectly.
    Peps is the market leader and was my first thought. I only read positive feedback about it in the forums.

    The light version cost 6000 Euro + 800 Euro for 2 days training. The price would have been okay but the important modules countersink pockets, extended tampering and the 4 axial wire eroding would have cost 3 x 2000 Euro extra.

    Advantages of Esprit:
    The program works well. You have a finished program in 2 minutes, Everything goes very fast so we hardly ever file our programs.
    The 4 axial wire eroding works very easy. The radii with 4 axial program get round..
    A finished program is easily changed just before the day ends.
    The simulation e.g. if the wire is at the correct position, works also very well.

    Disadvantages of esprit:
    The print out of the drawings with the positions of the start holes, neutral points … is a bit lousy.

    The software has a few faults. For example if you do the full cut first, then with the 1st recut the machine wants to start at the last point in the last cut. However it should do the 1st recut automatically in the starting hole and then trim without threading again.

    Hope I could help you!


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