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    Unhappy moving hole made using hole wizard SW2011

    I have holes I made in a part and need to change them and/or move them. I have been trying to find how to do this for far too long and there must be a simple way. I do not seem to find a place where it says edit or modify for the holes. Also I get a hole in the first place I click when starting out using the hole wizard but I can't find a way to avoid this or to get rid of the unwanted hole. I have searched for help on this and not found it on u-tube or this forum or SW help...so I know it must e very simple and i am just missing something...( as is often usual for me )
    Help please..!

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    Re: moving hole made using hole wizard SW2011

    Click on that feature and select edit feature.

    Hole wizard has two tabs at the top - Type and Positions. Click Positions and it will display your sketch used to locate the holes. Or if you click the + sign on that feature, you will see the two sketches it uses to create the holes.

    Points will be holes. To add more just place more points. You can add dimensions or other reference sketch geometry here to locate them.

    If you don't want it to place a hole first, make sure nothing is selected. Pick hole wizard and optionally select your hole type and or dimensions. Pick the Positions tab. It will ask you to pick a face or make a 3D sketch for multiple holes.

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    Re: moving hole made using hole wizard SW2011

    Thanks. I just didn't see the edit icon ...sw is fun until you hit a wall...thanks for helping me out...Much appreciated.

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