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    Question Fanuc 15M-Trouble loading ladder.

    I am working on a Omni OM3 trying to resurrect the control. We made a small ladder and were able to store it on our mem card. We then tried to write it to FROM. When we turned off the control we would lose the ladder, bur were able to reload from the mem card. We changed the PMC-NB card with one we bought and now neither card will load the ladder. It tells us the file is an illegal format. Is there a parameter that allows you to view the ladder?
    The machine was originally retrofit in 2000, taken apart and moved to a new location where it sat for 10 years and the mem card backup battery was dead. So the control all seems to work but we are having a hard time rebuilding the ladder and parameters. Fanuc say they have no record of the control and the machine builder destroyed all their records after 10 years.

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    Re: Fanuc 15M-Trouble loading ladder.

    Looks like you are talking about a 15B control.
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