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    Stepper motor- increasing speed rotation

    Hi guys, My spec's are

    Nema 23 425oz model 23HS2430 3A
    1.8 step angle
    3 amp
    2.1 phase resistance
    9 phase induct
    4 wire

    128 microstep
    1 amp to 4.2 amp
    18 to 50 VDC
    I am trying to increase my speed rotation. I get only 80rpm for now. What should i do to increase my rotation speed?

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    Re: Stepper motor- increasing speed rotation

    How much voltage are you using on it?

    Your motor has a relatively high inductance, which will limit the maximum speed that you can get from it, especially because your driver is limited to only 50 volts maximum.

    What microstep setting are you using?

    When you say that you are getting 80rpm, are you driving a CNC machine axis with the motor (and if so, are you driving a leadscrew or belt pulley), or are you using it in a different application?

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    Re: Stepper motor- increasing speed rotation

    Since you are saying you are using 1/128 micro-step mode:

    2x speed increase ...............use 1/64 micro-step mode
    4x speed increase ..............use 1/32 micro-step mode
    8x speed increase ............. use 1/16 micro-step mode

    I have the same motors and they have being tested at more than 1800 rpm with a 48 Vdc power supply using Mardus-Kreutz drives ( > 90 ipm with 20 tpi leadscrews).


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