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    Benchtop Plastic Injection Machine

    I am looking to build a plastic injection machine. I know I can buy the small manual bench top injectors for less than a $1,000. However, I don't think they meet my needs. I could also buy a used automated injection machine for less than $3,000, but I think it would be fun to build one my self, but I need a little help understanding the machine.

    I want to build something similar to this concept. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xww...SDemMNNxAc4WaI

    I want my machine to use air cylinders to inject the mold. I want the machine to be able to eject the pieces. I've been reading you can now use 3d printing to print out molds for small production runs. I've also read were people have used 3d printing to make the molds and then casted them in resin which allows up to runs of a 1000.

    My goal is to document the process with videos including making molds. I want to make it very comprehensive.

    I have a lot of ideas but I was wondering if anyone has more knowledge in this area and could give me some guidance. Thanks

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    Re: Benchtop Plastic Injection Machine

    I'll be very interested in this build. I would love to make one myself.
    That particular one in the video cost $50,000. Yep!, that's what they are asking for it. A bit too much me thinks.
    Looks like it has some sort of scroll pump on the back head to inject the plastic. neat little machine but way over priced.
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    Re: Benchtop Plastic Injection Machine

    I knew the machine was expensive but I didn't realize it was $50,000. I'm trying to figure out all the parts I can simply purchase and what parts would need to be fabricated. I also like this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEngc86RUT0

    I feel like he gives some helpful information:

    These are the two parts he bought: 2 x 110v 200 w cartridge heater, PID relay controls heater at 3 amps 110v.

    I would like to use an air cylinder to inject the plastic. I don't know how to tell how much force an air cylinder can produce. If anyone has information about air cylinders this would be helpful.

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