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    Home shop liability release

    Hey guys,

    I have a home shop that I work out of. I have friends over once in a while as they need to work on projects after hours. I recently had a friend get injured, not bad, but could have been really bad. It got me thinking I needed to either A) not let anyone use the home shop, or B) have a release that I make everyone sign. Does anyone else have any experience with this? Do you post up shop rules? If you have a liability release that you wouldn't mind sharing, could you PM me or post it here? Any input would be appreciated.

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    Re: Home shop liability release

    The release may be worth nothing.
    Its not at all obvious, that a release will help.

    Anyone can always sue you for anything - the release itself means nothing.

    It may, possibly, help you defend in a lawsuit.
    Thats not the same thing at all.

    A lot of stuff is excluded from liability releases - and the determining factor (in the US) seems to be the lawyers/instigators deep pockets.

    Here in europe, the problem is pretty much unknown.
    You cannot really make money by suing anyone, apart from work-related stuff, where companies generally follow the law and avoid the problems.

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    Re: Home shop liability release

    Yeah, anyone can be sued for anything & you'll need to get lawyer to defend you. As laws vary from state to state you'll want to consult a local attorney to see if a properly written release can protect you.

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    Re: Home shop liability release

    I never really thought about it but it would be better to be informed before letting your friends use your shop, you never know, things might turn ugly and they'll want to sue.
    I was working on a school group project with 4 other members and instead of trying to fit in rushed time in the school's shop where everyone else is also trying to get machine time in, I told the team we could work out of my own shop. It's a good thing the guys haven't came over to use my shop yet, I'll have go inform myself on this topic as well before we proceed.

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