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Thread: HT2000

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    Hey Im wondering if anyone has a lot of experience with a hypertherm HT2000?
    Im in the process of setting my table up, I'm running Edge pro controller and sensor THC with a VDC 3 card. I believe I have everything working now including the height controller which works great once its cutting. Now the issue im having is everything other time i start a cut the plasma pierce’s the plate and then goes to “cut sense lost”

    then I can not get it started again unless I move a ways forward. I guess the question I have is there away to make the plasma stay on a bit longer to give it time to start cutting? Like a hold arc or something?

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    Re: HT2000

    Cut sense lost means that the current sensor in the plasma cutter senses a loss of cutting current through the work cable. You don't elaborate on what thickness you are cutting or what parameters you have set up to do so.....here are my suggestions to look for:

    -If you are cutting thin material.....do you have a pierce delay time set too long? If the torch pierces and stays in place for a time longer than the published pierce delay (cut charts for your HT2000)...then the plasma will burn away the material under the torch and lose current, the arc will go out.

    -What power level and thickness? If you are cutting guage material at 200 amps and not moving the torch quick enough...the above could occur.

    -Check the mounting of your work cable connection....could be loose.

    For issues like this it is always a good idea to contact technical support at Hypertherm.

    Jim Colt Hypertherm

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