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    Re: Need Help with old Controller Change

    I'm retrofitting my Sabre 408 with the Masso G3 controller ($900 with accessories and shipping) and 12NM NEMA 34 closed loop steppers ($180 each x3), using the existing 74v power supply. To get NEMA 34's to work you'll need to machine new mount plates (x3) and figure out a way to attach the 11mm bore pulleys to the 15mm (or whatever you get) NEMA 34 shaft. I'm trying to find replacement pulleys (just starting that process, so nothing to report yet).

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    Re: Need Help with old Controller Change

    Quote Originally Posted by DistortedDesign View Post
    A friend is looking to change out an older Gerber Sabre 408 controller to something modern. The controller box is massive nearly 2' cubed. He wants to go to something that doesn't require their proprietary software to run. The software is $1000 to upgrade and isn't that good for the money. Trying to find something to change it out with. His 408 only has the large router on it so no speed control or anything. It has pretty big servos they are Parker RX320ER1000 (LINK) They are 54vdc 6.3A servos. This thing surprisingly is screw driven so it only has 1 x motor.

    I wanted to make sure my thinking was correct and see if anyone has done anything like this.

    I was looking at using Gecko G320X for drivers.

    Not sure what is the best controller for Gecko's is? Smooth Stepper?

    Not sure how big of a power supply is needed?

    Any help would be great.
    Stepper might be cheaper, but nowadays we usually use AC servo here.

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