Hello dear forum members,

I would like to say hello and introduce my Phoenix USB CNC Controller.
I have read countless post on this wonderful forum but never had the chance to post anything. Recently I stumbled upon a thread while searching for Grbl G-Code Sender software and figured I could post info about my Controller that I build to control my self build Vertical CNC Mill. I will post info about it soon.
After searching for Controllers and not finding anything that I liked, I designed and build my CNC Controller. I made 6 of them and sold them on eBay. This one here is the second version of it. It has the following features:

3 Axis USB CNC Controller with Grbl 0.9i (latest version) with Step and Dir Outputs for each Axis,

Switchable 4th Axis output for slave Y-Axis in case there are 2 Stepper Motors on the Y-Axis,

0-10 Volt PWM Output to Control Spindle Speed with G-Code or,

0-5 Volt PWM Output to Control Laser Driver or any Voltage in between,

Output to turn On and Off the Spindle,

3 Limit and E-Stop Inputs,

Input for Star/Resume, Stop/Hold and Reset Switches,

Probe Input to determine Workpiece Height,

Homing function with G38.2 G-Code,

Output Control via bright LED's,

12 -24 Volt Supply Voltage,

Possible to upgrade to higher Version of Grbl, unused A4 pin already connected to screw terminal,

Here is a link to my eBay page:

Neue 3 Achsen Axis USB CNC Steuerung Controller 0-10V PWM Ausgang Output E-Stop | eBay

I hope it is not against the rules to link external websites to this forum, if yes please let me know and I remove the link.

If anybody has questions or wants to know something please feel free to ask.

I am also in the designing stage of another Controller that has 4 DRV8825 drivers already on the board. That way it will be a complete solution for small to middle sized CNC's.

With this card I am controlling Nema 34 Steppers with CWD556 Stepper Drivers.

Thank you for your interest.