Hello Friends,

Does anyone knows any free software in which we can check 4 Axis simulation? (I tried Nc plotter & CNC simulator but no results)

Or If anyone has a license copy of Turnmill simulator , can u check the following program for me. I will be really thankful.

N22 G40 G17 G80 G49
N23 G91 G28 Z0.000
N27 S3700 M3
N28 G54 G90
N32 G90 ( FIRST GROOVE - 7.2 mm )
N33 G0 X-12.5 Y0.0
N34 Z50.0
N35 C126.047
N36 G0 Z5.0
N37 G1 Z0.0 F300.0
N38 C227.697
N39 X-17.5 C245.578
N40 C264.437
N41 X-7.5 C305.570
N42 C324.429
N43 X-12.5 C342.286
N44 C99.787
N45 G00 Z50.0
N46 G90 ( SECOND GROOVE - 7.2 mm )
N47 G00 Z5.0
N48 X-36.50 Y0.0
N49 C190.145
N50 G01 Z0.0
N51 C205.424
N52 X-26.50 C246.557
N53 C265.416
N54 X-31.5 C283.273
N55 C161.498
N56 G00 Z50.0
N57 G90 ( THIRD GROOVE - 5.2 mm )
N58 G00 Z5.0
N59 X-44.50 Y0.0
N60 C122.084
N61 Z5.0
N62 G01 Z0.0
N63 C62.680
N64 X-49.50 C80.546
N65 C98.212
N66 G00 Z50.0
N67 M30