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    Water pump for water cooled spindle

    Im trying to figure out a good water pump to use for my water cooled spindle. The pump I have now is a submersible 120gph pump and it dosnt have the lift I need. The fittings on my spindle are for 1/4 inch i.d. tubing and the lift I need is 5 to 6 feet. If anyone has any suggestions for a pump that would have the power I would need it would be great.


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    Re: Water pump for water cooled spindle

    This is what I use. Seems to work fine. The flow is low going through the spindle, but I think that's due to the small passage ways in the spindle...NOT the pump. The pump is not cheap, but quality. Hope that helps.

    Aqueon® Quiet Flow Submersible Aquarium Power Pump | Water Pumps & Powerheads | PetSmart


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