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    Want to post-process x axis to a axis

    Hi all,

    I an new to CNC in general but I have been running a mill and lathe for a while. I just got a 4 axis router (cheap and Chinese) and I want to put my simple logo on a tube-shaped part. I have got is working be swapping the wires for the x and a axes, but I really want to get it working properly. I created my artwork using Qcad and Inkscape, but it only generates gcode for XYZ. I think it should not be too hard to post process the X axis into the A axis, but all of my attempts so far have not been successful. I am a pretty fair Python programmer and I have written a couple of post-processing scripts to parameterize the output of Inkscape (my way). Anyone have any ideas on how to get this working? I don't mind posting what I have if there is any interest.

    All the best,
    Chuck Tilbury
    Pflugerville, Texas

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    Re: Want to post-process x axis to a axis

    You are changing linear to rotary motion, not so easy.
    now you need All 4 axis X Y Z A output
    (been there with 7-axis robots)

    Your CAM software supplier should be the one to question.
    Been doing this too long

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    Re: Want to post-process x axis to a axis

    Quote Originally Posted by bostosh View Post
    Your CAM software supplier should be the one to question.
    Ya, I am trying to use only open source. Some things are relatively easy, such as 3D printing. Other things such as converting a photo to something I can actually route seem harder. Engraving a picture on a round part seems almost impossible.

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