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    3D toolpath help

    Would you guys look at this file and see where I'm messing up? :-)

    When I post the code, my deepest -Z cut is only .1875", and it should be at -.25. I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong. If I use the translate function and move the top face of my part to -.0625 below Z, then my -Z is correct at -.25 for the deepest cut. Weird.
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    Here's the cad file that goes with it..
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    Dfennell, I loaded the DXF into bobCad. The top surface is at Z = 0.0619. The bottom surface is at Z = 0.1875. Move the whole object down 0.062 and then the top will be at 0 and the bottom at 0.250


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