Hi folks
Wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of where our Toyoda FH630S keeps the data for tool locations? It's a Fanuc 30i control. We had an issue last night where ATC bombed out, and somehow the machine is now totally confused on what tools are where. Reality is, T3 in spindle and T1 in the standby, BUT the machine thinks it has T4 in the spindle and T5 in the standby. Magazine is all correct in so far as real T4 and T5 are exactly where they should be in the magazine and all the pots are also correct with pot positions 1 and 3 being empty, it's just the control has lost itself. On a lot of other Fanucs I've used, it's a straight forward job to go find a setting page in various places and edit the data of what is in the spindle and the standby pot, but I've been hunting through every Toyoda/Fanuc manual I can lay my hands on today and cannot find where this damned machine stores the tool location data? I've gone through every screen on the panel too and cannot find any reference to it, I'm now thinking it my be a ladder job, maybe?
Any ideas folks?