Color laser marking machine with MOPA fiber laser source can mark black, white, grey and color on stainless steels. It also can make color marking on Iphone, Macbook, electronic parts and keyboard.

Features of Color fiber laser marking machine with MOPA fiber laser source:

1. JPT brand 20W MOPA fiber laser source,fiber laser service time can be get 100,000 hours without maintenance.
2. Laser source Air cooling, small size,low power consumption.
3. Up and down worktable,easy to mark and engrave different workpieces.
4. It has much higher photoelectric conversion efficiency.The efficiency of optic-electrical converting is up to 30%.
5. High speed galvo scanner to guarantee the stable beam and good performance.
6. Red light preview, make the marking visible before marking.
7. The proprietary control software may compatible software output of AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Photoshop, etc. It can realized automatic edition and correction of characters, signs, graphs, images, bar codes, two-dimensional codes.

Applications of color laser marking machine with MOPA fiber laser source:

1. Alumine sheet stripped surface,No deformation,fine marking.
2. Alumine sheet black color marking.
3. Metal depth marking.
4. Stainless steel color marking, It can marking different colors by setting the parameters.
5. PC, ABS plastic Without yellow color, smooth.
6. Light transmission paint keyboard, Easy to make it pervious to light.
7. Electronic,semiconductor components, ITO precision machining, the pulse can be adjusted to get best facula, and make the power balance.