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    Torch Carriage Jamming

    We are having issues with the torch carriage (Z axis motion) jumping out of the roller guides and jamming the Z. Are there any permanent fixes? Im fed up with having to pull the entire carriage off to fix it.

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    Re: Torch Carriage Jamming

    Sounds like the guide rails are not engaging deep enough, or something is too loose. Or maybe just poor design. Is the cable pulling on the torch, putting too much side load on things? Maybe support the cable better? Maybe a picture of your system would be helpful.

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    Re: Torch Carriage Jamming

    the tension bracket pivots on two screws - make sure those screws are both there and not too tight - where the arrows are in the photo -

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    Re: Torch Carriage Jamming

    I remember needing to disassemble that whole unit, scraped and cleaned all the lifted/chipped paint and crap from the slots, tabs and gantry rails too. Cleaned the bearings, reset the screws on pivots and changed out the tension springs. It helped fix the issue, I prob. had about 250-300 hrs. of cutting on the machine at that point, so it dramatically reduced errant jamming & certainly helped repositioning after jump-offs when a part tomestoned and caught the carriage/torch. Hope you can spend a few hours with it & good luck!

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