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    Precision Plasma Patriot 4x8 CNC plasma table rotary axis pneu scriber powermax65

    This auction is for a Precision Plasma Patriot 4x8 CNC plasma cutting table with a rotary axis and a pneumatic scriber and a Hypertherm powermax 65 with a machine torch. The machine has about 4-hours of run time.

    This machine is fully equipped and ready to run to make you money. The design and construction, the motors, the electronics, the software, and the Hypertherm plasma torch, are all the best there are for a medium-duty table.

    The table takes up an area of 10-feet by 5-feet. The stainless steel water pan is 101-inches by 52-inches. There is a drain on the bottom of the pan with a one-turn valve. There are steel slats to support the material to be cut. Because the cold rolled steel tracks that the gantry rides on are 10-feet long, the gantry rolls back completely out of the way of the pan so it is easy to lower an entire 4x8 sheet of material onto the steel slats.

    The table and gantry are made from 4-inch square 8020 extruded aluminum. There are wheels on the bottom of the legs with adjustable height pads so they can be screwed down so the table can be set level and not move. The machine moves easily on a smooth concrete floor.

    The stepper motors are controlled with a with a CandCNC ESPII stepper motor controller with digital touch height control. There are 620 oz-in hybrid stepper motors. The linear drive system is rack-and-pinion and it is driven through a belt and gear reduction system.

    The ESPII also directly controls the Hypertherm plasma torch power supply during cutting. This unit is equipped with DTHC IV technology for high accuracy torch height control and connects to a computer with a single Ethernet cable. [candcnc.com]

    Software includes a licensed version of MACH3 [machsupport.com] with a CandCNC custom screen optimized for plasma cutting. and a licensed version of SheetCAM TNG V6.0.17 [sheetcam.com].

    Here is the link to the description for the rotary axis: precisionplasmallc.com/My_Homepage_Files/Page5.html

    The SheetCAM rotary pipe cutting module for plasma pipe cutting for round/rectangular pipe is not included. It cost about $100 from SheetCAM. Here is the link: Purchase SheetCam

    CandCNC sells a more sophisticated pipe cutting plug-in for Sheet CAM called PipeFit Plug-In for $385. It can design simple or complex pipe joints in 3D inside SheetCAM. Here is the link: PipeFit Plug-in Standalone Software License – CandCNC

    Here are the links to the scribe system:



    The pneumatic systems and the scribe are mind-bogglingly expensive!

    A CandCNC refurbished HP computer [Windows XP] with Dell 19-inch [diagonal] monitor, keyboard and mouse are included. Also included is a APC Back-UPS XS-1500 uninterruptible power supply to insure clean power to, and to protect, the stepper motor controller and the computer from random electrical spikes and EFI when the torch is running.

    The Hypertherm powermax 65 included a 180̊ full-length machine torch. Here is the link to the Hypertherm page with all the data about the powermax65: https://www.hypertherm.com/en-US/hyp...5/?region=NART

    You will have to have a separate computer for CAD software and SheetCAM. The HP computer is just for MACH3 and the related CandCNC software modules to control the stepper motors and the DTHC. Having the CAD software and SheetCAM on the HP will interrupt the timing of the CPU and could result in uneven or trashed cuts.

    Windows XP is plenty powerful enough to run MACH3 and the CNC table.

    Do not connect the HP computer with MACH3 to a network or to the internet. The polling that a network connection, and the polling that takes place on an internet connected computer could and have interrupted the signals from the CPU to motor controllers. Read up on this on cnczone.com and on the MACH3 forums. There are varying opinions, but I like to error on the side of caution because a screw-up will ALWAYS happen in the middle of a big job, in the middle of the night, when the job is due the next day. Guaranteed!!!

    PM me if you want to talk about this. Machine is located in Connecticut.

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    Re: Precision Plasma Patriot 4x8 CNC plasma table rotary axis pneu scriber powermax65

    This is for sale for $15,000.

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